CBD vs. Traditional Medicine: Why Athletes and Fitness Professionals are Making the Switch

CBD, otherwise known as cannabidiol, has recently garnered attention in the sports and fitness industry due to its anti-inflammatory properties and ability to aid in recovery time for athletes and those involved in physical training. It has been praised by athletes and fitness professionals all over the world as a safer and more effective alternative to traditional pain relievers and other forms of traditional medication used to treat injuries and soreness that commonly occur in high-intensity training sessions. This plant-based compound can reduce or eliminate pain without the side effects associated with prescription medication and other over-the-counter pain relievers. As a result, more athletes and fitness professionals use it as an alternative to traditional medicine.

Safe Alternative to Prescription Medication

CBD is also not addictive, which is an added benefit to athletes who need pain relief but prefer not to take powerful prescription medications. People often get hooked on drugs like Percocet or Vicodin because they can’t get away from them. These medications significantly affect the brain’s chemistry when they constantly take high doses of medication. So, it only makes sense that athletes and fitness professionals who rely on them would be less than willing to give them up—but CBD doesn’t work that way. It provides relief without making athletes dependent on it for everyday functioning, unlike more conventional pharmaceuticals that many take for granted.

CBD’s Side Effects Are Less Adverse

CBD has been found to be effective in pain relief without having any psychoactive side effects, which is why many professionals use it over traditional medicine or over-the-counter pain relievers. While CBD can reduce aching, it does not give a high or altered state of mind. Some studies have shown that CBD may work to reduce pain without any psychoactive effects at all. Unlike other medications, CBD doesn’t cause adverse side effects like feeling groggy or sleepy – nor does it add to those of prescription medicine.

CBD Has Anti-Inflammatory, Neuroprotective, Analgesic,
Anxiolytic, And Pain-Relieving Benefits

CBD acts on serotonin receptors to stimulate its anti-inflammatory properties; in doing so, it prevents excessive inflammation at an injury site or following intense exercise, protecting muscles from damage that may result in pain and soreness. The compounds also affect other receptors in the body called endocannabinoids, which help regulate appetite, mood, pain sensation, and inflammation within cells. CBD can reduce anxiety by balancing out the naturally occurring endocannabinoids. Overall mental health is also improved with a consistent intake of CBD oil or tinctures because of reduced stress levels caused by its calming effects. CBD can reduce chronic pain symptoms because of its analgesic properties.

Final Thoughts

Today, more and more athletes are opting to ditch over-the-counter pain relievers, drugs, and other traditional medical options in favor of CBD. The drug is naturally anti-inflammatory, helping athletes manage pain without hurting their performance. What’s more, CBD doesn’t cause a high—and it isn’t addictive. This makes it a viable option for people who want to treat pain but don’t want to deal with side effects or risks that come with common medications like Advil or Vicodin.